Smile Project ODV is a charity created by Elsa Michael, African by birth and Italian by adoption, together with her family, who have always been actively involved in the project. Anna Funticova, wife of Elsa’s son, is co-founder, partner, and involved in the daily management of the activities.

Elsa was born in Asmara and grew up in a children’s shelter until she was 16 years old. She left her hometown in dreams of a better future. Thanks to her studies, work and perseverance, she’s become the successful woman she is today.

For this reason, Elsa understands first hand how important it is to ensure adequate social and health circumstances for children. These include: Clean water, food, energy and education for all children. Elsa hopes one day other children can also have a better future.

Through her experience in raising funds, Elsa was able to improve the wellbeing of children in her country.  Elsa knows that spreading awareness of the her home country and the current situation is a vital step to bringing about change. With the spread of knowledge to the world, step by step Elsa can restore fundamental structures for those children who cannot live at home with their families.

With the cooperation of the Eritrean government, Elsa has created a support project that guarantees better conditions. By the means of structural interventions and the use of machinery,  self-sufficient and sustenance facilities can be created for these children. These facilities will provide housing and care beginning from the age of a few weeks old up until adolescence.