Orphanage Godaif – Asmara

The role of Asmara’s Children Orphanage is fundamental for the future of so many children.

In Asmara, the village of Godaif hostshe Asmara Children’s Orphanage..

The facility welcomes children from various parts of the country, aged between newborns and six years old. The Orphanage provides children with a home, assistance from the first weeks of life, food and basic literacy. Here the children spend the first part of their life until they reach six years of age, when the Welfare Ministry entrusts them to the women of the neighboring villages through integration programs based on state incentives.

Their new families will have the opportunity to grow small plots granted by the Ministry, while the children will have access to the school, growing up, and access at the university level.

Smile Project’s work is aimed at guaranteeing the total economic self-sufficiency of the orphanage’s livelihood resources, engaging with targeted interventions to improve children’s facilities and living conditions.

Update on the project – March 2019

In March 2019 we visited the Orphanage to confirm what we already knew: the aid we decided to give here shows through the smiles of all the children who find here a place to grow safely.