‚ÄčIt’s a project proposed by Sant’ Bani Ashram Association, dedicated to Ayurveda and meditation.

Manav Kendra school is located in Dehadrum, India. It was founded by St. Kirpal Singh ji Maharaj, an Indian mystic who’s considered one of the greatest spiritual Masters of all time. St. Kirpal Singh ji Maharaj also served as the president of the Worldwide Brotherhood of Religions, an organization recognized by UNESCO.
Manav Kendra school was founded in 1972 and it is now run by the Sharma family. It was established with the aim of giving children and the poorest families in Dehradun a chance of education and it is now attended by 250 students.
The roofs of the school are currently composed of eternit, an extremely dangerous material for human health. The structures are crumbling and not suitable for children.