Eritrean Association of the Deaf and Mute

The purpose of this association is to reintegrate Eritrean deaf and mute people back in their own community.
The association is composed of 5000 members, 40% of whom are women, of which are in need of immediate education and professional training.

It is estimated that the population of deaf-mute people just in Eritrea is around 40,000. For this reason a qualified facility with targeted support is needed to ensure the gradual integration into society and the possibility of aspiring for a better future.
ERINAD’s purpose is to reintegrate the Eritrean deaf within their community through literacy and professional laboratories.

Update on the project – March 2019

In March 2019 we visited the Association to deliver the supplies we had gathered with your support and the special one of  Publiacqua, which donated some portabile computers and Polimoda, which supplied the sewing school with textiles and accessories. We also attended the kick-off of a new project: in the next few months, the sewing school will be doubled in size in order to have more students participating in the professional courses.
We also were invited to the graduation ceremony of the first 30 young adults who reached the completion of their study course. The most amazing news is that all of them are already working and making a living out of what they were able to learn thanks to your support!